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I thought one of the cool parts about being gay was that I didn’t have to adhere to all these oppressive norms that heterosexuals have to live under but nope these gay white males are coming in talking about “gay at home dad!” “promiscuity in our community has got to stop!” and “be masculine stop acting like a female!” like what the fuck the drag queens at Stonewall did not throw their pumps at the police for this shit.


Truth talk. The LGBTQIA community needs to stop putting each other down and start having each others backs. This shit needs to stop. Tired of seeing “average” or “masculine” gay men putting down “feminine” gay men or “butch” lesbians putting down “lipstick” lesbians and vise versa. Also, stop excluding trans*people from the community. Same goes for bisexuals and asexuals. Yes, they exist. It’s not a phase. They aren’t confused. Sound familiar? Because the stuff you say to bisexuals and asexuals is the same shit phobic people say about gays and lesbians. And trans*people ARE still a part of our community, regardless of where they are in their transition and regardless of what gender they are attracted too. If they choose to still associate with the community then they should be accepted and embraced, not driven out by a community that says they don’t belong. THEY DO! The ‘t’ is not silent.

So basically, the fighting within the community needs to fucking stop and people need to get their heads out their asses. You can’t expect society as a whole to change their perception of the community and accept us for who we are, if we can’t even accept each other. Seriously.

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**Honestly, I don’t know where this came from. It just happened. It’s safe for work. Surprise, surprise.**

I didn’t want to look at you, but I couldn’t look away. You mesmerized me in ways that I couldn’t even begin to describe. The way you swayed from side to side, the pull of your skin over muscle as you twisted and turned, the way your eyes blazed with determination and passion. You stole my breath with just a glance.

I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. Not with the scent of you all around me as you brought your body closer to mine. A shiver ran down my spine as you grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to you. Your hips met mine and my legs almost crumpled beneath me. A heady rush of desire and adrenaline coursed like wild fire through my veins.

I stared at you like a drowning man even as you leaned forward to kiss me like you’d eat me alive.


Anonymous asked:

Do you ever get nervous about what people think of you dating a femboy?

No, absolutely not. Why should I?

Dating a femboy doesn’t make me any less masculine. He doesn’t walk around with my balls in the pocket of his very enticing skinny jeans.

The way I see it, people are going to judge for one reason or another. That’s on them. That’s not on me. If they try and say anything, I’ll just shut them down, verbally or physically.

My boy is my boy. He’s my princess. I knew what I was getting into when we started dating. Obviously, it didn’t matter to me, because even when I’m mad as hell at him, I still love him. The fact that he’s a femboy is actually a perk, if you ask me, in more ways than one.


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Fun Fact: I had several imaginary friends while growing up. I was a lonely child from a broken home with very little flesh and blood friends, so I made up my own friends. As crazy as it sounds, my imaginary friends kept me sane during a lot of messed up stuff.

So what did they look like? Depends on which one we’re talking about. Most of them were male, but that’s where the similarities stop. One was blond, another green eyed, one was brunette, another lavender eyed. Even their personalities differed.

I’ve always has a healthy, albeit overactive, imagination. Nowadays, a lot of my imaginary friends are just characters in the stories I write.


stop shaming trans youth who identify with the statement “trapped in the wrong body”

stop shaming trans youth who tell people they have a different set of genitals than the ones you are under the impression they have

stop shaming trans youth who make a big effort to be stealth or for whom passing is of utmost importance

stop shaming trans youth

fucking stop

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